Kate of Tokyo Inc. owns both "Foula" and "Lash-bar Foula".

Foula has expanded worldwide distribution networks including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Brazil.

Foula store’s products and trainings have been used and loved by more than 120,000 lash artists and salon owners in 18 countries around the world because its wide variety and numbers of high quality products.

Our safest and highest quality adhesives which from selecting pure and high standard ingredients and manufacture all in Japan are being ordered and delivered over 20,000 bottles and 100,000  extension trays a month.

Foula has also developed revolutionized eyelash extension course with  our original curriculum. We educate lash artists globally not only advanced skills, but also how to choose the right product, how to select the product that suits you, and the basic knowledge of products related to eyelash extensions  as professional global eyelash supplier. Our goal is to educate lash artists to perform eyelash service safely and efficiently to their clients for each one of artist’s success. 

Ms. Keiko Sato, the Founder of the Foula Store and Kate of Tokyo Inc. started her very first lash salon in Tokyo in 2007. With her outstanding technique and charismatic personality, Kate of Tokyo Inc. grew to be the No.1 lash company in Japan, spreading branches around the world including New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore.